Posted on 30th September 2020

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Our team are here to help your business continue to succeed and drive forwards through this period of economic turbulence. We have always been confident in our ability to only attract the very best candidates that will fit seamlessly into your business. However, we continually strive to enhance and improve the service we offer and as such, we are realigning how each of our Recruitment Business Partners will work within the local jobs market. Each one of our team will operate as specialists in a specific industry within which they have refined their expertise and knowledge. This will enable us to provide an even greater match between our clients and candidates with our team able to truly understand not only your business's needs but the wider context from the industry you operate within. Each one of our team will be able to recruit for specialist, technical roles, exclusive for that industry, as well as continuing to provide support for more generic office support roles that may be required.


Anji has worked in recruitment since 2012 where she has gained a broad scope of experience before specialising in finding the best accounting and professional services candidates for her clients.

Anji delivers a tailor-made recruitment solution delivering a diverse range of accountancy based skills. Our candidate network spans industry sectors and we frequently hire for the following roles: qualified accountants (CIMA, ACCA, QBE), tax and audit specialists, book-keepers, accounts assistants (aat), purchase ledger and sales ledger, finance directors, finance managers, management accountants, data analysts.

Anji has worked in recruitment since 2012 and has a proven track record of placing professional service candidates into organisations from a range of industries across the South East. Knowing the company ethos continues to be extremely important to Anji, as employee fit is just as critical as skill set in delivering employee sustainability within any business. She has an honest and straightforward approach to communication, and will work with you to promote your business and your vacancy; acting as your Brand Ambassador and working tirelessly to attract and select the best talent in the local job market. Anji prides herself on delivering a recruitment process that is seamless and straightforward.

Anji was also formally recognised within the Netbox group of companies with an award in 2019 for consistency in her level performance level. She has also achieved an average long-term vacancy fill rate of more than 80% for 2019.

The accountancy industry's latest developments point towards an emphasis on senior finance roles, "...businesses may well cut back on low to mid-level finance roles, as transactions slow down and the need for such roles diminishes. In contrast, senior finance managers who can help plan cash management, liquidity and cost control are likely to be elevated in status"(1). This is something that Anji is focussing on delivering for business across thee South East.

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Siân has worked in recruitment since 2010 where she has gained a broad scope of experience before specialising in finding the best possible talent for clients in the manufacturing industry.

The range of technical and hands-on roles in a manufacturing business of any size can be broad and varied. We realise the importance of sourcing the best possible candidates from warehouse and packing roles through to highly experienced Engineers and department leaders. Roles Siân frequently hires for include warehousing, transport and logistics, production planners and scheduling, stock and materials handlers, procurement and buyers, CAD & product designers, health & safety professionals, quality and compliance, machine and line operatives, mechanical / electrical engineers.

Siân has been with Netbox since 2017 and has achieved fantastic success including become a multiple Netbox award winner in 2019 and securing over 200 permanent opportunities over the last three years. With her honest, open and reliable approach to recruiting, combined with a second-to-none work ethic, Siân has developed long-lasting relationships with a range of manufacturing clients who trust and value the service she provides. She believes that for clients to get the most from their recruitment drive, it needs to be more than just a process or a means to an end. Similarly, for Siân, recruitment is more than just a job; it's about providing excellent customer service from start to finish, enabling each client to find the perfect recruit that will take their business to the next level.

Siân is aware of the changing landscape for the UK manufacturing industry in light of Coronavirus with a potential shift to simplified structures and more localised talent pools for firms. As recent news highlights, many businesses will will reconsider "whether they want to take on global exposure in the same way that they have" and the supply chain "might be more diversified, and some of it may be more UK-based and local"(2).

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Greg has worked in recruitment since 2011 where he has gained a broad scope of experience before specialising in finding his clients the best possible talent in the facilities management industry.

Greg is proud to deliver a diverse range of facilities management based skills. Our expansive network of candidates covers multiple industry sectors and we frequently hire for: QHSE managers (health and safety), mechanical, gas, fire alarm, 'HVAC' & cctv engineers, building hygiene, grounds maintenance, plumbers & electricians, testing, inspection & compliance and contract managers.

Greg has worked with Netbox since 2018 and has accumulated impressive statistics for the level of service he provides to his clients and candidates. He was a Netbox award winner in 2018, and in 2019 he held over 100 client meetings and spent over 200 hours in candidate meetings to truly understand their skillsets and experience. Greg also maintains astutely aware of the ever-evolving landscape of the recruitment industry, ensuring he is at the forefront of the latest technology and range of resources available.

Greg is also aware of the changing requirements of the facilities management industry from the vital role it played in the pandemic ("Cleaners who may previously have worked out of office hours in some sectors are now expected to be seen throughout the day, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to prevent the spread of the virus"(3). "Temperature checking at entrances, preventive disinfection cleaning and changes to office layouts to support social distancing are just some of the measures we are now supporting clients with.(4)") He is also aware of the move towards utilising more smart technology through the industry, "There will be no 'one size fits all' model, it will be unique to your workplace and its workforce. Ultimately, the key tools FMs need to lead this change are: engagement of workforce, supporting data and case studies to make business cases, and the right technology set up to facilitate this change(5)".

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Our team are also able to draw upon our wider, generalist approach to source for support based roles. At Netbox Recruitment, we have a unique network of over 20,000 local candidates and a wider network where we gain 100's of candidate referrals for varied roles both specialist and support based. We frequently provide talented, Kent based candidates for the following roles: receptionists and administrators, customer service advisors, help desk coordinators, account managers and business development, executives - bids and tenders, marketing and communications executives, human resources, accounts and finance specialists, procurement and buying, middle and senior management through to director level appointments.

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