Posted on 8th February 2019

In today's market, the right candidate for many employers can be hard to find. The industry's statistics also support the feeling the the market is increasingly candidate driven.

Skill-shortage vacancies account for 22% of all UK vacancies(1).
42% of employers worry they won't find the talent they need. (2)
73% of candidates are passive job seekers. (3)
Top candidates are available for just 10 days before being hired. (4)
81% of manufacturing firms and 70% of service sector firms report difficulties in finding the right staff. (5)
By 2024 there could be more than 4 million too few high skilled people to meet demand for high skilled jobs. (6)

Sometimes a change of perspective is all that's needed and that ideal candidate could be right in front of you. At Netbox Recruitment, we see the candidate market differently...

We are experts at analysing the ever changing candidate landscape. We are constantly engaging with our ever expanding pool of skilled candidates, maintaining close ties at all times. We utilise an expansive range of technology to gain a wider reach of candidates than ever before. We also pride ourselves on continuing to meet all our candidates face to face. We ensure we have a fully accurate and detailed understanding of each candidate's unique skillset and range of experience.

In addition to our relationship with our candidates...

We also take the time to truly understand your business's needs and culture. We assign you a dedicated Recruitment Business Partner to fully project manage your talent attraction programme. We manage a robust candidate feedback process and offer our 'Talent Guarantee'. We offer and negotiate appointments with successful candidates. We implement a thorough aftercare process ensuring the placement's continued success. In total, we spend 350 hours per week sourcing and placing candidates. That's more than 18,200 hours per year!

To highlight our unique perspective on the candidate market and beyond, our consultants have been visiting businesses with a pair of fetching glasses in our signature yellow! Pictures of the glasses being worn to social media with the hashtag #newspective will gain that company's team entry into our competition to win an Easter hamper! If you fancy your chances of winning this giveaway for your team then get in touch for one of our consultants to see you.

Statistic sources:
(1) Department for Education Employer Skills Survey 2017 Research Report August 2018
(2, 3, 4) talentnow.com
(5) British Chambers of Commerce.
(6) Local Government Association.

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