Posted on 22nd November 2022

A survey by CV-Library has shown that as many as 91% of inactive workers over the age of fifty intend to return to employment. This follows recently released figures from the Office for National statistics that the number of people aged 50-64 who are also economically inactive has increased by 3.6 million. This represents an increase of 10% since before the pandemic.

The cost-of-living crisis looks to be a primary motivating factors for many, with 72% of those surveyed by CV Library's citing this as the core reason for a potential return to work. Other reasons included boredom and being able to take advantage of the high number of job vacancies in the market.

In addition, 68% of those surveyed intend to seek a full-time role and 70% are keen to working with flexible arrangements. 43% also indicated that they would likely require additional training to return to the workforce.

Lee Biggins, CEO of CV-Library commented on the survey's findings “With many vacancies still unfilled it’s great news that a significant number of experienced workers are planning on returning to work. It’s fair to say that every business in the UK has their costs under review and when it comes to the hiring process, the needs of the company and role should come before anything else but employing staff in the 50+ bracket can add experience and stability as well as diversifying the workplace.”

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